• Up to 97% cash on your invoices with a fee starting as low as 3%
  • No less than 90% cash on your invoices with a fee starting as low as 2%
  • All programs include the option for a 50% fuel advance after the load has been picked up and FREE membership in our Fuel Card program.

All programs include:

  • Fuel advances at 1%
  • Online customer credit check
  • Customized invoice processing (We create all invoices and send to your customers)
  • Collection services

With Cashfactor You Can:

  • Save time and money
  • Keep a strong, steady revenue stream to ensure your business keeps moving forward
  • Get fuel advances and factoring all from one source
  • Capitalize on the load finding perks we have to offer
  • Never worry about when and if you will get paid!

Our Transportation Factoring programs are Non-Recourse which means we take all the credit risk. This is the safest form of factoring for small and medium sized truckers. With CASHFACTOR, there are no hidden fees.


Fuel Card Program

Our clients can register for our Discount Fuel Card program. There are no set up or loading fees, only a $1.50 fuel transaction fee and a $2.50 cash or check fee. Our fuel card is accepted at over 19,000 locations nationwide and we have negotiated discounts at more than 1,500 truck stops across the country. The participating discount network includes TA, Pilot, Petro, Love’s Flying J and many others. Our Discount Fuel Card has a dedicated 24/7 customer service team as well as online account management.

Trippak Program

CashFactor partnered with TripPak, a discounted and convenient document shipping service to make your factoring easier. TripPak has more than 1,000 locations in TravelCenters of America, Petro, Sapp Brothers, Rip Griffin, Wilco Hess, Ambest, Roady’s, etc. The service provides our clients with fast and easy document transfer to CashFactor’s offices.

How it works:

CashFactor provides you with addressed envelopes. Drivers insert all paperwork and drop it off at any TripPak Express location. An electronic version of the images delivered CashFactor the next morning and all originals documents will be available within days.

Drive Axle

Drive Axle is a simple app that will help you scan and send your documents in high quality resolution which will ensure your paper work will be processed smoothly.

Sending documents with Drive Axle couldn’t be easier! It’s the fastest way you can send, save and keep your documents organized.

Use it to get paid faster!

Online Customer Credit Check

Is your customer factorable?

CASHFACTOR offers you the option to quickly and effectively know whether you can pick up that load you have just found and ensure we can buy your invoice.

Once you become our client, we will provide you with a login and password so you can check if your customer’s, credit online 24/7.

If your customer is approved or ‘factorable’, we will pay the invoice to you and bill your customer. “It’s that Simple”

Transflo Express

Transflo Mobile Express is another quick and easy way to send your truck load paperwork should you not have access to a smart phone.

With over 1,300 stations around the nation at various truck stops, it is easily accessible.

By uploading your truck load documents through the Transflo Express scanner we receive your paperwork that day, thus getting you paid faster! With its superior image processing, it is hassle free and ensures we get clear copies, quickly! Partnered with CashFactor, Transflo Express makes factoring even easier.

AdobePDFicon-100 Transflo Coversheet

Transflo Mobile+

Transflo Mobile + is the fastest and easiest way to send your truck load paperwork.

Using your smartphone, you are able to instantly send your paperwork and receive immediate confirmation upon sending it.

No more waiting on the mail or wondering whether or not your documents were received.

Partnered with CashFactor, Transflo Mobile + is the best way to factor.

Transflo Express and Transflo Mobile+ FAQ

  1. Why should YOU use these services?
    These are CashFactor’s preferred delivery methods to help our Customers, get us load paperwork faster and cleaner.
  2. Does the Client need to continue to send in the originals?
    Yes, the best thing is that you can still use the TripPak envelope to send us your originals after you have scanned them to us. JUST PLEASE REMEMBER TO MARK THE ENVELOPE TO NOTE THAT IT HAS ALREADY BEEN SCANNED.
  3. If you don’t have a smart phone you can use TRANSFLO Express at the Truck Stop to send us your documents. YES. Use the TripPak envelope as a Cover Sheet, or use our Coversheet with the appropriate barcode on it to send in the documents. The Coversheet is available on our webpage for you to print it or we can also email it to you.
  4. What if YOU are not close to a Truck Stop Location?
    Use the TRANSFLO Mobile + smart phone application to send us the paperwork. Download the application and follow the instructions. Our Broker Code is SUM5.
  5. Where to get the TRANSFLO Mobile + Application?
    Download it from your smart phone application store its free.
  6. Once they download the software, what do they need to do?
    -Open to the Registration Information screen where you need to fill out the registration information fully.
    -Enter the Broker/Recipient ID: SUM5
    -You will receive a Registration Email after submission.
  7. Can you send paperwork and invoices for multiple loads all at once?
    No, ONLY send the load paperwork associated with a specific Rate Sheet. One at a time.
  8. How do you know that we received your paperwork?
    A confirmation email will arrive advising delivery of the documents. You may also use the unique confirmation number to access the documents online for 14 days at
  9. How can to get additional help with the TRANSFLO products?
    Please call Customer Support at 866.503.5707, or email them at Hours of operation are 830-530E, Monday through Friday.
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