Who We Are

Summar Financial is a factoring services company that specializes in supplying working capital to companies in need of immediate liquidity. We partner with clients to fund and manage their account receivables as they increasingly focus on growing their companies by concentrating on their sales and marketing efforts.

Our experience working with small and medium sized businesses guarantees our competitiveness in the marketplace for clients in various industries. Summar has been successfully covering the financing needs of growing companies around the world since 2004.

Given the increase in demand for freight Factoring and in order to continue to satisfy the specific needs of our clients, Summar has created CASHFACTOR, a “freight cash” program specially tailored to the transportation industry. Our “freight cash” service is the result of extensive market research and it offers programs that meet the demands of the industry with our flexible and friendly business culture.

Doing business with us is different, and we are prepared to show you how. Our registration process is simple and totally web based, but once you are up and running in one of our programs, our service is 100% personalized. We are characterized by being courteous and responsive to your needs.

How We Work

Embrace our motto: “It’s that simple.”

With CASHFACTOR you are guaranteed that we will process your transportation invoices and advance you cash the same day that we receive your ‘factorable’ paperwork. For your convenience you can check if your customers are factorable online free of cost with our 24/7 online credit checking system.

Our online automated service allows you to determine instantly if we will factor your load or not. If we approve your Customer (load), you can haul with peace of mind know we will purchase that load with our TRUE non-recourse credit insurance.

‘The Cash Factor Flow’: Deliver load -> Send Cash Factor the BOL & Rate Confirmation Sheet -> Receive up to 97% of your load amount next day or even SAME DAY we receive your paperwork.

“It’s that simple”


Miami (Corporate Office)
2299 SW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33145
Tel: 866 561.6497 | Fax: +1 305 675 0241

Meet The Team

Jessica Navarro

BDO & Sales Manager
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 116

Robert Gonzalez

Business Development Officer
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 118

Maria Juliana Armenta

Business Development Officer
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 135

Amy Ziemba

Business Development Officer
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 120

Zaily Gual

Sales & Marketing Associate
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 141

Lori Siperko

Customer Service Manager
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 131

Julieth Gutierrez

Account Executive
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 119

Gustavo Cuberos

Account Executive
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 127

Loren Sastoque

Account Executive
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 128

Diana Guzmán

Account Executive
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 125

Zuly Alvarez

Account Executive
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 139

Francisco Aragon

Collections & Credit Director
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 110

Carlos Fajardo

Credit & Collections Analyst
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 121

Juan Sebastian Vegas

Credit & Collections Analyst
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 138

Laura Siabato

Credit & Collections Analyst
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 143

Liseth Cocunubo

Credit & Collections Analyst
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 115

Nathaly Cardenas

Credit & Collections Analyst
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 126

Paola Soler

Credit & Collections Analyst
+1 (786) 406-7300 ext 134

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